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SONY Full Frame Workshop Support Sites


Gettng Started with SONY Mirrorless cameras


E-Mount Cameras A7/A9

Comparision A9/A7R3/A73

SONY A9 / Support Page / Manual / Software

SONY A7R3 / Support Page / Manual / Software

SONY A73 / Support Page / Manual / Software

A7M3 Help Guide

SONY Lenses

Zeiss Lenses for E-Mount Zeiss Batis / AutoFocus Lenses and Zeiss Loxia / Manual Focus Lenses ZEISS Loxia Lenses

Sigma E-Mount Lenses

SONY Accessories

Capture One Pro / Express for SONY

SONY Software Imaging Edge / You need to install this software to use/process Pixel Shift on A7R3

How to Use Imaging Edge Software

Camera / Smart Remote Control

SONY Play Memories site

Tethering SONY cameras / software links

Mark Galer - Sony Digital Imaging Ambassador for Australia

Cambridge in Colour


List prepared by Jon Green Photographer for use in SHOOT / SONY - Intro to SONY Mirrorless Cameras Workshops / Jon Green 2019


All images are © jon green photographer 2019